Sain Glas constantly introduces high-tech glass machinery and technology from European countries. Nowadays, Saint Glas has the most complete and perfect glass processing equipment. we owned a series of most well-equipped, sophisticated glass processing lines in the glass processing industry. The main production equipments include: Glass silver mirror production line, Computerized cutting platforms, Computerized edging and engraving machines, Bent glass oven, Vacuum oven, Heat soak machine, Tempering machine, Insulated glass production line.

All architectural decorative glass production equipment, from laminating, sandblasting, engraving, laser pattern engraving, colour coating, screen printing, ceramic painting, UV bonding, silver plating, bending and strengthening, are all available. If you are seeking for an ultra-high-tech partner to fulfill your products needs and technological equirements, we are sure to satisfy and surpass all your visions and expectation.

Saint Glas

Saint Glas不斷從歐洲各國引進高科技的玻璃機械設備和技術。時至今日,公司已擁有一套最齊全、最完美的玻璃加工設備。 Saint Glas擁有新一代環保玻璃銀鏡生產線、電腦切割機、電腦車邊機、電腦車花機、電腦雕刻機、熱彎爐、熱浸測試爐、強化爐、水平鋼化生產線及弧形生產線。


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